Turbo Training: Big Gear Hill Repeats

Paul Hawkins Nov 2014


This session is designed to develop leg power and strength as well as strengthening your aero position. This session can be recreated outside using a 3 - 5 min hill, ensuring the hill has no greater incline than 10%


Begin with 10min steady warm up

followed by 3 x 10sec max - 50sec easy spin

2min steady


Main Set:
Depending on fitness complete 5-12 hill repeats

4min solid effort. Pushing a big gear or higher resistance ( cadence between 60 - 75rpm) maintaining a seated and aero position.

3 min very easy recovery in the small ring.


10 min easy cool down.

Swim Training: 1900m

Paul Hawkins Nov 2014


Goal: To develop strength and power in the water


4x100m warm up, 30sec rest between sets


Main Set:
12x25m max efforts with a pull buoy. With 15 seconds of recovery after each 25m.
(To avoid using the legs use a band around your ankles, I like to use an old inner tube which isolates the core and upper body further)


200m easy swim


6x50m hard effort with the pull buoy, with 30second recovery after each 50m


200m easy swim


3x100m as hard as you can go, with 1 minute recovery after each 50m


200m easy swim


10 min easy cool down.

Treadmill Training: 

Paul Hawkins Nov 2014


This session is a great alternative to interval running when it's not practical to train outside.


10 minute warm up.

Building pace throughout up to a pace that is comfortable and maintainable but NOT easy.

Around 60% effort level, keeping the gradient at 2%


Now for the entire Main Set you maintain the speed from the warm up, and increase and decrease the incline to raise the workload.
It is essential to have a pace that is maintainable at 2%

Try to pre-program the interval so you can focus on breathing:

4min @ 4%

2min @ 2%

3min @ 6%

3min @ 2%

2min @ 8%

4min @ 2%

1min @ 10%

1min @ 6%


10 min easy cool down.

Every time you complete this session attempt to increase the start pace next time.