I have worked with many different types of clients over the years, each with their own unique goals. Take a look at some of the testiomnials from clients and discover for your self what a difference I can make.

Dr Tim Riding
NHS Manager & Ironman Age Grouper



My wife and I are now entering our second year with Paul as coach. During this time we have both made significant gains as a result of his guidance and support. Paul has a unique and relaxed style through which he helps you to identify and strengthen weaknesses, whilst continuing to build on strengths. He is flexible, accessible, and always takes great interest in our feedback, using this to plan subsequent training programmes. He is also a hugely experienced athlete himself, and uses this to great advantage. We really can't wait for the next season to get stated now!"


Eric Brooks:

"I had already completed IMUK as a personal challenge after losing approximately 6 stone in weight and with an amazing time of 16hrs 23min!!  I then got chatting to Paul in the club I taught swim to children in Walkden.  After some quality advice and training from him I completed it in 2014 in 14hrs 20min, taking an amazing 2 hrs off my previous time in 12 months.

Paul is an amazing with vast experience and very easy to talk to. 
there is no such thing as a  daft question and his response time to any questions is extremely quick, an plans his sessions with great detail working around mine and my wifes work schedule to ensure we still get quality family time as well as a challenging progressive training plan.
 I am concentrating on a couple of 70.3's for 2015 and plan with Paul's help and guidance we have big plans for some huge improvements in 2015.
 I have absolute confidence that will happen with his coaching and guidance"


Jason Henson:


"I began competing in triathlons in 2012 and my very first race was the Outlaw (Iron Man Distance) completed in 12hrs06min. At the beginning of 2013 I was introduced to Paul at a local race and had asked his advice on training as I was continuing at Iron Man Distance by competing in Austria which with Pauls help and support, I completed in 10hrs 59min.

 I made significant improvements almost straight away with weekly training schedules that Paul emailed, working around my demanding working week and was asked to give continuous feedback so he could tailor it to suit the intensity levels he felt I should work at that particular week.

 He also has a huge amount of knowledge in triathlon and has educated and helped devise a nutrition plan for both training an on race day which has made a big difference to my longer training days where I would normally lack power and energy, previously I suffered with foo intolerances which now are controlled with a huge input by paul.

 It’s clear he knows what he’s talking about, is highly motivated, believes in what he does and he expects those who go to him to work hard and they will see the benefits. Since beginning the training programme with Paul, I’ve gone on to get first in age group at a few local races in the 2014 season and in the ultimate half iron man distance, came 6th overall (first in age group), in a GB qualifier race. 

Paul sets a challenging yet achievable training programme to follow, and I would recommend Paul as a trainer to anyone keen to improve as a triathlete" 

Gary Wolstencroft 
Manchester ambulance service



" In 2011 I decided to make the step up from Standard Distance to Long Distance
triathlon. I'd always toyed with the idea of investing in a coach, but never took the plunge. With stepping up my race distance now was the time to find someone to guide me on my journey. My training had always lacked any real structure and was missing that vital consistency that is required to get you round an Iron distance course in your best time. A coach was needed. 

I first met Paul at Manchester Tri Club swim sessions. I'd also participated in
some of the same races, so knew he was a quality athlete. What I never realised
was that he offered coaching/personal training until I read his blog
This discovery fell just at the right time for the start of my long distance training campaign. 

During short discussions, prior to swim sessions, I sort of figured out his
training philosophy was along the lines of keep it simple, low technology, no gadgets, learn to train by how your body feels, smash yourself to pieces when required and rest when needed. This sounded ideal, as I'm not particularly interested in having 5 heart rate training zones to work in. The idea of terminology like 'Easy', 'Steady', 'Solid', ‘Hard’ and 'Best you can maintain' training sessions seemed to fit better with my idea of training. I work long hours and regular night shifts, so a ‘Steady’ effort following a full day in work can be different to a ‘Steady’ effort after a few days off work. This flexibility allows me to gauge my effort depending on how tired I am and is not tying me into prescriptive heart rate zones. I have
been guided into training by how my body feels. 

We work my schedule on a weekly basis. Again, this allows some flexibility to my
planned sessions. If I'm feeling good I carry on with some hard sessions, if I'm knackered I back off. Therefore, I don’t really follow the norm of 3 hard weeks,
1 recovery week. This works really well for me. 

Has it worked? Have I improved? Absolutely!

Under Paul’s guidance I have achieved a marathon PB of 3:02 at Dublin in October
2012, taking 6 minutes off my previous best. This has been done on minimal run
mileage. As I constantly get told, ‘it’s the quality of your sessions that
counts, not the volume’. After a hard winters training schedule I anticipate
going sub 3-hours at London Marathon in April 2013. 

My result at Outlaw Long Distance Triathlon speaks for itself. I had a target of
around 11 hours. If I'm honest I had no idea whether I was physically/mentally
capable of achieving this time. I finished in a time of 10:41:22, with splits
of 1:06:09 for the swim, 5:42:26 for the bike and 3:44:42 for the run. I was 47th
individual overall and 8th in my age group (40-44). I'm now being pushed to achieve a sub 10-hour finish at Outlaw 2013. Paul has never once questioned my ability to achieve this massive target. Also in the race calendar is Ironman Wales in September 2013. Come back later in the year for a results update. 

Would I recommend Paul? Definitely! 

If you want a schedule that is flexible, tailored to your ability, that will push
you to your limits, is simple to follow and is a reflection of how an Elite
Ironman athlete trains then sign up now. You’ll not regret it!"


Sam Anderson 
European and British age group champion 2012


" I had competed in triathlons fairly successfully for 2 years
but after the winter of 2011 where I was riddled with illnesses and constantly
run down, I had lost all motivation and thought getting fit for the European
Age Group Championships in Israel just 3 months later was an impossible task. I approached Paul to see if he could help me
to reach any sort of fitness before the championships – which was the best
thing I ever did! He not only got me
fit, but enabled me to achieve 8th female overall out of all the Age Groups.

Paul’s no nonsense approach to training is refreshing and motivating. There are no hidden agendas – he believes in hard work and consistency and I have noticed a massive change in my strength, power and speed. His weekly schedules help me to maintain consistency in my training, challenge myself to achieve things I never thought I could whilst factoring in enough
time to recover between sessions. I took
over 2 minutes off my 10 mile PB thanks to Paul’s tough turbo sessions and also
started getting out of Open Water events in the front pack rather than mid-last
pack as in previous years. My first
triathlon being coached by Paul saw me win the women’s field by over 13

Paul’s belief in me as an athlete massively boosts my confidence and makes me want to continue to push myself to see how far I can get in the sport. He helps me to set big
goals and works with me to achieve them. 
I feel that Paul has taken the time to understand me as an athlete and,
if anyone is going to help me to realise my full potential, it’s Paul.